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1024 MB Disk Space
10 GB Band Width
2 Add–On Domain
5 Sub Domains
5 E–mail Accounts
2 MySQL Database
1 FTP Account
PHP/Cpanel Supported
3 GB Disk Space
25 GB Band Width
5 Add–On Domain
10 Sub Domains
10 E–mail Accounts
5 MySQL Database
15 FTP Account
PHP/Cpanel Supported
5 GB Disk Space
50 GB Band Width
10 Add–On Domain
20 Sub Domains
20 E–mail Accounts
10 MySQL Database
20 FTP Account
PHP/Cpanel Supported
*Unlimited Disk Space
*Unlimited Band Width
Unlimited Add–On Domain
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited E–mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Database
Unlimited FTP Account
PHP/Cpanel Supported
5 GB Disk Space
60 GB Band Width
10 Add–On Domain
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited E–mail Accounts
15 MySQL Database
Unlimited FTP Account
PHP/ Cpanel / Whm Supported
1 Core Processor
25 GB Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwidth
1 GB RAM Ram
1 IP's
Free Control Panel
Monthly Payments
No Setup Fee
6 to 8 Static Pages
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Unique Design
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250MB Disk Space
10 Email Accounts
Free Domain
10 GB Disk Space
Unmetered Band Width
Yes Add–On Domain
Yes Sub Domains
Yes E–mail Accounts
Yes MySQL Database
Yes FTP Account
With 8 Premium Accounts
We are using HonexTech web hosting services for about 4 years now and have already registered 3 domains and also hosting. Everything works great 100% uptime.
MoBi & Ali
We are now offering a Customized Packages as per your requirements. Just tell us your required specifications and we create a package for you.

Free Hosting for Students

Continuing with our success journey and cheering our valued customers up, Honextech now confers the students with the freePakistan web hosting packages. The fact remains that majority of the IT students do not get the adequate particle expertise while they study during the schooling years. The chief example of this is the "deployment of the applications on the production servers". We are offering 100% free webhosting to students; giving them opportunities to have practice field experience at zero cost. They just have to signing up for our free web hosting services specially launched for them.

The most interesting thing about the free web hosting is that it provides the same features as the paid hosting does!

Domain Registration

Honextech is the popular name in the field of Domain Registration. At this platform, you enjoy the economical rates for the domain registration. Since 2009, we have been serving the clients satisfactorily with higher success rate by selling the domains and providing the web hosting services.

Check out our Domains for Sale page where you will find the cheap domains open for registrations. Once you register a domain with us, you get the free e-mail account, free domain forwarding, free domain theft protection, free privacy protection of your domain and free of cost DNS management.

Domains transfer is much easy at Honextech and happens securely. If you want to transfer the domain, give a call to our Domain Transfer Service or you may contact our 24x7 helpline. Our representative will contact you accordingly.


Honextech's skillfully tailored standard VPS fit aptly to the needs of the web applications developers, business houses and web hosting resellers. The clients like to go for the VPS since they give them freedom of dedicated servers at very economical cost. If you like to upgrade your web hosting plan from a shared account or you require the power of the virtual private servers, Honextech delivers the plans for upgrading and virtual private servers, which provide you the beneficial solutions to your sites and applications.

Full Control: With us, you get the full control in order to make your server function in a manner it is supposed to do.
Good Performance: Stay with us to say good-bye to the lethargic and over-sold server.
Reliability: Our clients are aware that their VPS service will stay thoroughly functioning 24 hours with proficient support and top-tier network connection. Affordability: Obviously one does not pay for the features and services not required, so Honextech offers the economical plans to suit everybody's needs.

Web Hosting

With more than 10,000 domains under management, we are the one of the most reliable web hosting providers of Pakistan. Our hosting packages are much economical, which are in everybody reach ranging from the web hosting for personal websites, business hosting for the small-oriented business circles to professional web hosting for the larger organizations.

Honextech is equipped with all kinds of solutions to trigger off clients every need and demand thus it also offers the packages for the demanding customers who run portals, we confer them with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited e-mail accounts.

Honextech web hosting packages are offered with free cPanel including the Fantastico Control Panel. These plans give the clients the access to more than 50 free applications like Word Press Blogs, Photo Albums, Shopping Carts, Social Networking and to name a few.

Dedicated Server

Honextech dedicated server is something beyond being merely a server since it is called an utterly managed solution (optional) designed in manner to take your business to the next level. With 24 hours of purchase, your server is provisioned, secured and delivered. With Honextech dedicated server, you are rest assured of the quality and authenticity as your website is hosted at one of the world largest datacenter laced with the branded server hardware.

With dedicated server, you enjoy big time security, high speed and uptime and undoubtedly with dedicated server, you are able to go beyond the resource limitations lying in the shared hosting network.

Web design

At Honextech, website design and e-commerce designing are always taken care of and given the special attention. Web design and e-commerce design websites are custom built meaning there is no usage of templates at all. With the expertise of highly skilled web designers, you website design looks alluring and attention grabbing. The web design after care services helps your website be stable.